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A message from ...

If I wanted to be religious, spiritual or believe in destiny ... these past weeks in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda have given me several opportunities. The first days in Nairobi just before Christmas I met two friends coincidentally - I had lost contact with both of them, though we all are in each others Facebook-archives. In Kampala Charles pulls by me in Kabalagala - I had actually thought I had lost him, because his phone was off when I was in Kampala in April. He was one of my first friends in Uganda, Ugandan friends - I mean. We used to meet in the evenings in Kabalagala together with other friends: Joseph, Richard (before he died), Francis ... Charles always told one incredible story after another. They were all definitely on the borderline of we in Europe regard as the truth - but here where storytelling is the core of communication the truth does not make a lot of sense. The very evening that I return to Nairobi I meet Jack – by coincident in a City of 4 mill. people in Nakumat

Guilty as charged

I have been caught in a crime I thought I was protected against. It might not seem severe, but it is contradictory to my basic principals: 1) Give anybody the benefit of doubt 2) Do not think of yourself as above others I treated her as a prostitute and not even a prostitute should be treated like this. Just because I walk into a bar, where I am usually attacked by suspicious women. I also know that here are all kind of decent women just having fun with their friends. It is the silent corruption of a white man in Africa - or a rich man anywhere. I have slided back on that path, where you think, you can do, what you want and place yourself as superior. I will have to pull myself back, as I did before, and ask her for forgiveness. It is ironic that I am far and for most known by the song "Mumusonyiwe" - please forgive him, which tells about a white man, who does serious mistakes and still is forgiven, as I properly have been and will be in the future.