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Only a white man in Africa is a good story!

We do not care about African music. We do not give a damn about Africa. It is only if a white man goes to Africa that we will care. In the latest issue of Udvikling (Denmarks Global Magasin) published by the Danish Foreign Ministry there is an article about Mzungu Kichaa written by Jan Kjær. But why suddenly this interest in East African music? There has been so many opportunities to write articles about African music. Only when a white man plays African music will we like to hear about it. When black men and women play their music, it is NO story at all, but when a white man adapt African music it becomes a GOOD story. Through reading the article you will discover that the only reason Jan Kjær has come to know about Muzungu Kichaa is from concerts given in white ghetto hang outs in Dar Es Salaam. So here we go againg; the only story from Africa worth telling is the story about a white man playing African music in the white ghetto. So sad that our interest in African music