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Coming and going

I like to come back and don't mind leaving for a while. But the best things always arise in the last moments. Work as well as women. The women I meet now are more classy, though I still find young prostitutes that hope I am a nice guy who will marry her and take her out of misery. I meet her in the same places, Once her name was Brenda. Today she is Sharon. She pretends to be free, but there will always be a white guy that she will have to go with. This time she is terrified when she sees him and whisper how he will beat her. It is no different from every other time. I am a promise of better fortune - in her eyes.

Welcome back ... home

Really it is the same every time I return. They are just rephrasing themselves slightly. He writes to me, that I can just sound in, when I arrive. I always do that, and no matter how busy they both are, there will be some space for me. One day another friend passes by in the hotel in town, where I am coincidentally sitting that evening. He comes to perform, but he says he has come to see me. My sister next to me is laughing, while saying that he is lying. Everybody around the table smile. A little later my friend goes to stage and dedicate a song to me. I keep coming back with the intention of given all they gave back to them, but I always end up being giving so much more. In the absence of other alternatives I will just have to keep coming back. In that way we can continue showing each other the respect we deserve. This is the reason, why I am here. Nothing less, nothing more, nothing else. Respecting, cherishing, pleasing, honouring, worshiping ... Africa as she chooses to show

Little Ethiopia

He wants me to go to Ethiopia with him ... but I have been there already ... for two weeks ... it is never enough. Here is a new Etiopian restaurant every time I come back. Even upstairs in Kabalagala where the Congolese used to have fun. The Etiopians make good coffee. So I go there every morning to have my cup and read the newspapers. The food is good as well. Very nicely spiced. Always served on a soft floffy pancake that looks and feels like a towel, but after getting used to it, you do not think about eating something, that could have been drying your dishes. The people are light brown and carry a self-esteem unusual for the region in general. They are said never to have been colonized, but the Italians were in Ethiopia, which should be no secret, when you analyse the culture.