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Late night danger

One evening he walks with his girlfriend by the hand. It is very late at night downtown Nairobi. They have been out all night dancing and drinking. Just as they turn around a corner near City Market a boy approach them from behind as if he comes from nowhere. He asks if they know each other. The boy wants him to pay for her - as if she is a prostitute. She tries to talk to the boy. The boy is aggressive and follows them. He tells his girlfriend not to talk, but walk fast. He wants them to get out of there as quickly as possible. He walks faster and tries to make her do the same. She is scared and looks back to keep an eye on the boy. The boy talks on the phone as if he is calling somebody for assistance. They walk straight. The boy seems to have given up, but he is still in the background. They turn around the corner of the street where their hotel are located and have escaped the danger. They are now safe. They enter the hotel room and are on the bed. She is shaking. He holds he