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Women in black

When a black woman look into my eyes, then I remember, what I didn't know just a few years ago. It is in her eyes. I can never forget her. She thought that I could fulfill her wishes. but I didn't know her deepest dreams. They were hidden behind her breasts which I didn't ever dare to touch. We were different in ways none of us ever would like to understand. Our eyes are the only thing we will have in common. Though we already know that we have betrayed each other by the lack of closeness. I am looking at you, because it makes me feel closer to myself. The colour of your skin gives me comfort and reminds me of lost friends under the sun. Relationships in vain. You look back at me to see what can come come out of it. You cannot afford to let an oppurtunity slide away. A man like me represents a valuable experience even if I end up dissappointing you.