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Taxi Driver

My taxi driver during several years send me a Christmas greeting via sms to my Ugandan phone number. This year I am in Denmark during Christmas season, though I would rather spend every winter under Equators sun. But this year is when my whole Danish family are gathered like every other uneven year. The even years I spend with my African families. I return my taxi drivers greeting - and thank him. You might think that he is only doing it to remind me to also use him next time, but I can never forget to call him when I arrive in Nairobi Airport. He has always been nice to me and treated me very good - besides he is a very nice man. I can recommend Roses Taxi and Lawrence to anyone. So if you are going to Nairobi don't hesitate to call me. Then I will give you his contacts and a few other necessary tips. Happy Holidays ... ... I wish you a brown Christmas ... ... El Vez rocks ...