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Giving up Europe

What can you do in a foreign City without a coin in your pocket? You will have to stay home in the suburb with the African mama, where they put you as another trafficked girl waiting for permission to go out. She was taken from home by men living abroad. They asked her to come to perform in clubs, but when she arrived, they cancelled all her shows, because somebody stole the posters for the first show. We all know, that there have to be an explanation. The promotor didn't do his job. Maybe that was the reason for asking her to pay her own ticket. He knew that there would be nothing for her in Europe. She thought she would go home on the scheduled time. Sitting and waiting. Every day in cold a room. But the men in black had another plan, that she was not informed about. Only once a week she will get information, when a woman sneaks her way into the house and they whisper in silence. This women has gained some respect by having sex with a man far away. The small woman in the house

White on return

It has been silent here for a long time. I am not sure what is happening, but it appears that the white african is not completely dead. His spirit continues to play around with us. He might not be as african as we have been assuming. This can give him another lifetime. I predict that he in the future will broaden his perspective and as such resurrect in one way or another. In any case you will probably see less silence in the weeks to come and hopefully a lot of noise. You are welcome to make some noise yourself.