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Wild, insane or alienated?

One evening I am in a surburb of Copenhagen. I have seen an half bad theatre performance with a friend. She is a brillant artist - and a very sweet person whom I am addicted to share thoughts with. We have just seen a play about insanity. So she askes me if I think I am insane. After a few days I know the answer. I am not insane - but I always feel alienated. I never feel that I am part of something. Maybe I have said this many times. I did not understand it before I went to Africa. Africa made me realise many things about myself. I could never have become myself without Africa. I am always outside something, never inside. On that evening after seeing the play I was talking about who to talk to and the many situations of feeling misunderstood or just not understood at all. Maybe this has nothing to do with Africa?