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I am sitting in Simba Restaurant in Nairobi International Airport. I am waiting for my next flight and I don't want to waste my time going into Nairobi. I have 5 hours. I turn on my PC. Here is no wireless, but it doesn't matter. The internet is a waste of time. I will rather write another story from (my) wild life i Africa. I am happy to have found Simba Restaurant. Here is very peaceful. This is all I need. I am sitting in a sofa opposite the bar counter. Here is another sofa set next to me. Some men enter and sit down. They start talking. One of them is a very big and very black man. He is a typical Luo. I am looking at him. He reminds me of someone, but I cannot remember who it is. I forget it again very quickly. They continue their conversation. One of them says: "In Africa there are entertainment everywhere - even in funerals". He has a point. Africans know how to party and have fun even in the midst of misery or maybe especially when they are unhappy. We don

So far apart

I know these two people. He loves her very much. Maybe more than anyone can bear to be loved. he just wants her to be happy. He wants to take care of her. There is only one problem: they are very far apart. It pains him more than he can explain to anyone - not even to her. She is very beautiful, but she cannot see it. He will never stop telling her, and she will always say that she is ugly. They are often talking into the blue air without listening, because they are so far away from each other. They do what they do to survive in their separate lives. It is not easy for them. He tries to be strong, and he tells himself that he just has to take good care of her. No matter how she reacts he must never think that she does not like him anymore. He is strong, but it is hard. She is very kind. She has big faith in God. He respects her. Never in his life has he met a woman who believes in something like she does. He has always been looking for a woman like her and will do anything not to loose