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I only live in that moment where the words come out of my mouth. I am a poet even before I am human. I owe her for this - a muslim woman from myspace: Neelofer Mir

Coming back to Europe

Ten years later he expresses his gratitude to the people and the places that destroyed his European world view. (Tørk Haxthausen: "Hos de Sorte") I would have died in Africa. (Corinne Hofmann: "Back from Africa") I have been leaving Africa for 4 years, but I am still trying to go home ...

Found and lost

I get so many beautiful things in Africa, but they are so easily lost again. I seem not to be able to hold on to her for very long time. She slips through my fingers as if she was never really here. I don't even see her before it is all over. It makes me sad for a while until the next women comes around to sweet me up and the story can rewind. I have been forwarded to a new irony.

Flying in Africa

You can enjoy life in Africa, if you choose. It will cost a lot of money, but you will meet more people like yourself. They are rich, and they like using money on convenience. They prefer to have privacy and a piece of mind. You will not get to know them right away, and it will be pure luck to meet them at all.

Too many women in Africa

What can he possibly want with them. If it was just sex, but he makes the mistake of implying a relationship to everyone of them. It will be a burden in his heart. He pretends that she hurts him, but there will always be another one to cheer him up.


I will soon be leaving Paradise. It is very hot and I am already heated up until the limit. Here are warm water and soft skin. I will go into the cold winter. It is my destiny to always come and go.

Trusting you...

We meet and think that we know each other a lot more than reasonable. I tell you about myself. You continue to ask me the same questions again and again. You are cautious and push me away every time I try to kiss you. Something in the past has made you insecure and fragile. You cannot trust me, but there is nothing I can say that will convince you about my sincerity. You will have to watch me - regarde moi.

Woman in Europe

The Chinese waitress is being protected by her colleagues - here will always be an European man mistaken her kindness for love.