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A deperate housewife

I always meet her in the evenings. She likes to get drunk. We are playing a game. She wants men, but will always detach from you, if you show any interest in her. She only wants men to glance at her ... more than one man. A small women, busy taking. So much talk ... which she herself calls honesty. We are just talking. I have seen her on TV ... another latina desperadas. She is also just very sweet, but cannot control her temper, that is taking her away. How can you look a woman in her eyes, when she is always striking back at you. She will easily forget, that you ever saw her in the first place. She has already continued her strive for attracting masculine glance, but she will eventually return to you to see, if you are still looking after her ... nothing more. She will ask you to introduce her to other men. You will never know, if she really wants only you, but it doesn't matter, because you already know, she is not your kind of girl . Even casual sex probably would have been