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Tolerans and respect

I have finally realised the profane difference between European civilisation and everybody else. It is comparable to the relationship between tolerans and respect. In Europe we find that respect is a very strong word, which we cannot easily take into our mouth. Instead we choose to tolerate you. That enable us to keep a certain distance to everyone. Whereas respect requires a closer look. In contrary to what Europeans feel, respect will not necesarrily compromise your integrity.


I have written an article about "Los Zapatistas", which has recently been published in the book "Brudflader" on Frydenlund . It will also be available on ebog , where downloads of separate articles will be possible. My article follows the Zapatist Movement during the last 22 years. From they begin to organise themselves in the jungle of Chiapas in the south of Mexico. In the story about the movement I am mixing personal experiences from travelling in Chiapas and Mexico in general with a more formal presentation of the movement. The Zapatist Movement has been known through the carasmatic spokeperson Sub-commander Marcos. On of my arguments in the article is that Marcos does not exist. He is always appearing disguised so anybody could be behind the mask. It can easily be backed up, if you travel around in Chiapas. One morning in Roberto Barrios a young boy come to me and introduces himself. His name is Marco ... as he says: just like Marcos. In spanish -s indicates pl