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Cada quien su Frida

Mexican Theatre on Tour in Denmark. The group has just arrived from the Theatre Festival in Cadiz in Spain. The title has an interesting play on words in Spanish. Sufrir means to suffer or feel pain, but also to endure. The ending -a indicates femininum. The play is made by the Mexican Actress Ofelia Medina and celebrates the 100 years anniversary of Frida Kahlo through magic realism, dance and music. Tour dates in Denmark: 25. October: Odin Teatret, Holsterbro 28. October: Koreografisk Center Archauz , Aarhus 30.-31. October: Jomfru Ane Teatret, Aalborg 2.-3. November: Galleri Galschi√łt . Odense 5.-6. November: Verdenskulturcentret , Kopenhagen More info: