Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Human Traffic IV

She is a hairdresser. Every morning she get up very early to go to work. It can easily take several hours from Omoja to Moi Avenue in town

The salon is on top of Kenya Cinema – in busiest Nairobi. Some evenings she is not home before ten because she is waiting for the worst jam to cool down.

Home in Omoja there are two boys. The youngest call her Mom, but they are not hers. They belong to her brother. He is not around. He went to Qatar for a job and the mother ran away with another man.

Qatar is such a ugly and terrifying word. As if something is eating you from the inside.

Catarrh is also a superficial inflammation on the skin. All the way back in 13th hundred Europe The Cathars was religious outcasts from The Catholic Church, expelled because they believed in reincarnation.

She expects him to send her money, but she has not heard from him since he left.


Four years later her brother returns, not in a coffin like other men have done, but very sick, and she has to pay the hospital bill.

She is annoyed and angry, she wants to shout and beat him, but he is very weak, and when she see him in the hospital, shed decides to take care of him.

The family is together, and they never want to be separated again. Sometimes it can be an experience to go away, but be careful. The opportunities you see might not be your dreams. Being together is a protection from danger and trouble.

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